Using guest checks to take orders helps keep information flow accurate and organized. With a variety of sizes and types, each restaurant may find certain styles work best for their team. Gorilla Supply offers single, 2-ply, and 3-ply guest checks. For the traditionalist we have pleasant carbon guest checks alongside our carbonless - both in a pleasant green color. While those that need the extra space can try our larger, tan guest checks, we also have the pocket sized, small guest checks. Guest checks with card-stock stub receipts are available as well to provide customer's with a quick and easy receipt. All our guest check styles provide a space for date, table, guests, and server information at the header, and defined areas for guests orders. They also include a menu prompts to remind waitstaff to ask guests if they would like to order sides, appetizers, and drinks.

Single Ply Guest Checks:  CT-G3616, CT-G3632, and CT-G3516

Our booked, single ply guest checks come with a easy to read green and white background. They are available in the most popular medium size, CT-G3616, and the small size, CT-G3516. Many restaurants only need guest checks for hand-written orders and offer customers with a separate printed receipt so a single ply is all they need. 

Sometimes, depending on how customers pick-up their order, you might need a ticket stub for customers to hold onto. In this case, our heavyweight guest check, CT-G3632, is your best bet. The thicker cardstock paper gives these guest checks the durability to handle double duty.

2-Ply Guest Checks:  CT-G6000, CT-G7000, and CT-T4997SP

The most variety is available in our 2-ply guest checks where they are available in carbonless, CT-G7000 (medium/booked/green) and CT-T4997 (large/loose/tan/has stub), as well as in the traditional carbon guest checks, CT-G6000 (medium/booked/green). 2-ply guest checks are indispensable when you need duplicate copies for the kitchen staff while keeping a copy in front of house for you servers and customers.

3-Ply Guest Checks: CT-T4997-3SP

Although a single ply or 2-ply duplicate is usually enough, in some cases, your restaurant may need 3 copies of the order items. In these situations, our large 3-ply tan guest checks will come in handy! These spacious guest checks include 2 standard receipt sheets for the kitchen and server use and one thicker sheet for the customer copy.