Gorilla Supply carries high quality thermal paper rolls, 1-ply bond paper rolls, and 2-ply and 3-ply carbonless paper rolls to fit all your POS, ATM, and Kiosk machine needs. Depending on your receipt printer, you may be able to us more than one type of paper roll. Below are the three types of paper used for our rolls. 

Thermal Paper

Our most popular paper rolls are thermal rolls. Thermal paper is heat-sensitive paper used for printers that apply heat for printing. Thermal paper rolls are commonly used by POS machines and credit card receipt printers.

Bond Paper

Bond paper rolls use a single ply of traditional non-reactive papers for standard ink printing. Printers that use bond paper rolls must also use ink ribbons.

2-ply or 3-ply Carbonless Paper

Carbonless paper rolls allow for duplicate or triple copy receipts. Just like bond paper rolls, ink is used for printing on the first sheet of paper. Then the impact from the printing on the first sheet is transferred to the second yellow sheet. For 3-ply rolls a third copy on pink paper is produced.

Each type of paper roll can come in several sizes or styles so always make sure you know your receipt printer's paper roll specifications before purchasing!