The Bone Dispenser

Fumbling in the dark to find a tear line or dropping a roll of bags to have it completely unravel are never ideal situations - add rain or extreme temperatures and it quickly goes south. That's why we developed an easy-to-use bone dispenser. Beyond being a fun poop bag carrier, our patented dispenser was designed to make tearing off a poop bag quick and simple. A little tab on the dispenser catches onto bag perforations to help tear off a new bag while keeping the next one from slipping out on it's own. With a latch that's painless to open and close, refilling is also a breeze.

The Attachment 

Our original dispensers came with a plastic clip until we found that a velcro strap was sturdier as well as flexible, making it much more versatile. Now all our dispensers have an adjustable velcro strap that's easy to attach to leashes, belt loops, hiking bags, and more. 


White bone dispensers were our first and most popular color. Soon after, just as we switched to velcro straps, we also introduced colored dispensers. The different colors match our current poop bags colors: blue, green, and black. And then, for those who can't decide or would like to keep an eye on their poop bag levels, we have the semi-clear, transparent dispenser. Each colored dispenser is available with a pack of 3 rolls of bags (60 bags total).