The Bag Breakdown

Thanks to EPI technology, Gorilla Supply pet waste bags break down much more quickly than your average plastic bag. These bags only take about 12-36 months (as opposed to several decades like the usual plastic bags) to break down under common post-use environmental conditions such as sunlight, wind, and the heat and compression from a landfill. They are ASTM D6954 test certified. Under normal storage these bags are as sturdy as traditional plastic bags and leak-proof for secure handling. 

The 1000 Count

Pet owners may be surprised in the beginning at how quickly they can go through poop bags. That's why our most popular boxes of poop bags come in 50 rolls of 20 - making a total of 1000 bags! However, you can always try out our smaller 3 roll pack (a total of 60 bags) which includes one of our patented bone shaped bag dispensers. Cases of 1000 bags are available in 3 different colors. Each case comes with a white dispenser.