KLEX Poly Disposable Kitchen Gloves are great for light, non-medical tasks.  

When to Use

Poly (short for polyethylene or PE) gloves are light and breathable. The loose fit makes it especially useful for frequent glove changes as is required in many food service lines or deli counter settings. Quickly toss salads, build sandwiches, or grab cookies with as little time spent on glove changes as possible. These easy-to-slip-on an off gloves make food prep a breeze while keeping hands and food sanitary. 

Since poly gloves are completely latex-free, there's no need to worry about allergic reactions. Anyone can wear and work in them comfortably. In addition, there is no powder (corn base or otherwise) in the gloves that might get in contact with food and cause allergic reactions in customers with certain food allergies.

Size & Count

Gloves are available in medium and large. Each box includes 500 pieces.